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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the Wildwood Elementary School family. There is something very special about being a student at Wildwood Elementary School and being part of one of the premier educational programs in Southern California. Students at Wildwood are dedicated individuals who strive to be individuals with good character and endeavor to maintain high academic standards.

The information contained in this website is intended to provide you with the information necessary to be an informed student or parent. It is a document that is constantly changing, so we encourage you to visit it often. We realize, however, that a website cannot possibly answer all the questions you may have. We encourage you to communicate regularly with the staff so that we may help you.

We will have a new Wildwood Website coming soon and are aware that our current site is having MAJOR issues! Thank you to Geoff Woodburn for making this happen!!

Doug Hedin

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After School Enrichment Classes
CRPD  (Top Chef, Hip Hop, Karate, Geocaching)
Young Rembrants Drawing

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Private School Requests

At this time each year Private Schools begin their application process. Part of this process asks for teacher and school recomendations. As per the Conejo Valley Unified School District Guidelines Wildwood teachers and staff will not be able to write letters of recomendation. Please see the memo that is sent out each year to the Private Schools. Thank you Click Here

Homework Request Change

We know it is inevitable that students will be ill at some point during the school year. When a student is going to be out ill our primary concern is that they are able to rest and get well as quickly as possible. Therefore, Wildwood has decided to change our protocols on requesting missed work. If a student is only absent for one day the student will have an additional day to make up the work. Requesting missed work for a single day’s absence is not in the best interest of the ill student.  The last thing a sick student needs to worry about is being forced to complete work when they are not 100%. If a student is going to be out two or more days then a request for work will be taken. Please call the office to request the work for your child.  The message will then be relayed to the classroom teacher so they can prepare the materials needed to be picked up after school at 3:00pm. Please make sure to call the office to verify that the work is ready to be picked up as there are many variables that could affect the work being ready. (Substitute, Emergency, Parent Conference, Faculty Commitments, etc) If the work cannot be prepared for any reason please keep in mind that our school policy gives students 1 day for every day they are absent to complete the missed work. Thank you ! 

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